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Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks is a pioneer in the industry, making the finest Indian sweets and snacks in America. We bring the authentic taste of The East to the United States.

“Rajbhog”, as the word depicts, means kings (or Maharajas) offerings to the Gods. Traditionally, only the finest quality sweets were made as an offering for this holy event. You will find that Rajbhog Sweets and Snacks are, indeed, fit for a king!

The “Rajbhog” concept started over two decades ago in a small sweet and snack shop located in Jackson Heights, New York. The owners and originators, Ajit and Lata Mody had one goal, to provide the Indian Community with authentic, wholesome sweets and snacks.

Keeping this goal in mind, Ajit and Lata, continue to create tasty wholesome delicacies by using the finest ingredients. All Rajbhog sweets are made using pure ghee (butter) & mawa (fresh milk), which gives the sweets a rich and flavorful taste.

Although the beginning was rough for this family owned and operated business, Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks has gained popularity and continues to grow rapidly. Today Rajbhog Foods is a leading manufacturer and nationwide distributor of sweets, snacks, savories, frozen foods, ice cream and beverages.

In addition, Rajbhog has added a variety of catering services for all occasions. Whether it is a small party for 25 people or a convention for 10,000 people, Rajbhog Catering will help make your event a delicious success!

The Rajbhog brand has come to signifyhigh qualityand service .You can find Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks products at any of our retail outlet locations or selected Indian grocery stores nationwide.

Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks, indeed fit for a king!

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